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Below are details of the different domains within GeCIP.

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GeCIP ArmDomainLead ResearchersNHS GMC RepresentativeDetailed research planData access

Rare Disease

CardiovascularProf Bernard Keavney – University of ManchesterDr Ed Blair – Oxford University Hospitals NHS Foundation TrustApprovedGranted
Endocrine and metabolismProf Stephen O’Rahilly – University of Cambridge 
Gastroenterology and HepatologyProfessor Holm Uhlig - University of OxfordRichard Thompson – King’s College London

Dr Patrick Dubois – King’s College Hospital
Hearing and sightProf Andrew Webster (Sight) – University College LondonProf Graeme Black – University of ManchesterApprovedGranted
Dr Mike Bowl (Hearing) - MRC Harwell Institute 
Dr Sally Dawson (Hearing) - University College London Ear Institute
Immune disordersProf Sophie Hambleton – Newcastle University
Non-malignant haematological and haemostasis disordersProf Willem Ouwehand – University of Cambridge
Dr Judith Marsh – Kings College Hospital
Inherited cancer predispositionDr Clare Turnbull – Queen Mary University of LondonMarc Tischkowitz – University of CambridgeApprovedGranted
MusculoskeletalProf Muhammad Kassim Javaid – University of OxfordProf Muhammad Kassim Javaid – University of OxfordApprovedGranted
NeurologyProf Henry Houlden* – University College LondonProf Huw Morris – University College LondonApprovedGranted
Prof Patrick Chinnery  – University of Cambridge
Paediatric sepsisProf Michael Levin – Imperial College

PaediatricsDr Tim Barrett – Birmingham University


Dr Phil Beales – University College London
RenalDr Daniel Gale – University College LondonDr Anna Koziell – King’s College LondonApprovedGranted
Prof Robert Kleta University College London
RespiratoryDr Claire Shovlin – Imperial College LondonTracy Higgins – Imperial CollegeApprovedGranted
SkinProf John McGrath – King’s College LondonProf Sean Whittaker – King’s College LondonApprovedGranted


Breast cancerDr Nicholas Turner – Institute of Cancer Research
Childhood solid cancersDr Thomas Jacques – University College LondonDr Alex Henderson – Newcastle upon Tyne NHS Foundation TrustApprovedGranted
Colorectal cancerProf Ian Tomlinson – University of BirminghamMohammad Ilyas – University of NottinghamApprovedGranted
Haematological malignancyProf Anna Schuh – University of Oxford Paresh Vyas – University of Oxford ApprovedGranted
Lung cancerDr Charles Swanton* – The Francis Crick InstituteProf Fiona Blackhall - The Christie NHS Foundation Trust ApprovedGranted
Ovarian and endometrial CancerDr James Brenton – University of Cambridge and Cancer Research UK
Dr David Church – University of Oxford
Neuroendocrine tumoursDr Chrissie Thirlwell* – University College London
Pan-cancerProf Dion Morton – University Hospitals Birmingham
GliomaProf Keyoumars Ashkan  King’s College Hospital NHS Foundation Trust
Head and neck cancerProf Terry Jones – University of Liverpool
Dr Matt Lechner – University College London
Dr Liam Masterson – University of Cambridge
Upper gastrointestinal cancerProf John Bridgewater – University College London
Renal cell carcinomaDr James Larkin – Royal Marsden NHS Foundation Trust Dr Anna Koziell – King's College LondonApprovedGranted
MelanomaDr Paul Lorigan – The Christie NHS Foundation Trust
Testicular cancerDr Andrew Protheroe – Oxford University Hospitals NHS Foundation Trust 
Cancer of unknown primaryDr Harpreet Wasan – Imperial College London
Prostate cancerProf Johann de Bono – Institute of Cancer ResearchDr Mark Linch – University College LondonApprovedGranted
SarcomaProf Adrienne Flanagan – University College London

Cross Cutting

Education and trainingDr Anneke Seller – Oxford University Hospitals NHS Foundation Trust

Electronic health recordsProf Harry Hemingway – University College London
Dr. Stefanie Mueller - University College London
Enabling rare disease translational genomics via advanced analytics and international interoperabilityDr Eamonn Sheridan – University of Leeds

Dr Michael Simpson – King’s College London
Ethics and social scienceProf Mike Parker – University of Oxford
Dr. Anneke Lucassen - University of Southampton
Functional EffectsDr Ewan Birney – European Bioinformatics Institute
Prof. Christine Orengo - University College London
Health EconomicsDr Sarah Wordsworth – University of OxfordProf Ian Tomlinson – University of BirminghamApprovedGranted
Integrated Pathogens and Mobile Elements

Prof Colin Cooper* – University of East Anglia

Dr Gkikas Magiorkinis (subdomain lead) – Athens University
Quantitative methods, machine learning and functional genomicsProf Martin Tobin – University of LeicesterDiana Baralle – University of SouthamptonApprovedGranted
Population genomicsDr Richard Durbin – Wellcome Trust Sanger InstituteJean-Baptiste Cazier – University of BirminghamApprovedGranted
Stratified healthcare and therapeutic innovationProf Sir Mark Caulfield – Queen Mary, University of London
Prof Sir Munir Pirmohamed - University of Liverpool
Enhanced InterpretationProf Bill Newman – Manchester UniversityDominic McMullan – Birmingham Women’s NHS Foundation TrustApprovedGranted

*GeCIP Board representatives

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