There are a number of applications that require data in their local data stores to make it visible. These other applications are refreshed after the main programme data release and hence there may be a difference in data within RE applications for a short time after the main programme release date.

The following table shows the current version of the main programme data that an RE application is using:


Main Programme Data Version

Last Updated


Labkeyv9April 2020
Data Discovery Portalv9April 2020Version 3.1 of the dashboards
Participant Explorerv9April 2020
Aggregate vcfv5.120/11/2018

Please see: Aggregated Variant Calls (Illumina)

An update to the aggregate vcf is currently underway for delivery in early 2020

Opencgav5.120/11/2018Please see: Interactive Variant Analysis (IVA)
The genomes folderv928/11/2019Next Main Programme Data Release v9 due March 2020